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As advancements in technology continue to be made, we’re seeing wearable and mobile devices become increasingly compact. This is especially significant when it comes to our ECG biosensor, the CardioChip. At only 3mm x 3mm, the CardioChip is the world’s smallest ECG biosensor. Not only that, it’s also the most integrated, which makes it an ideal choice for wearable and mobile device manufacturers. In this post, we’re going to introduce you to the CardioChip and discuss some of its features, as well highlight some of the benefits it can offer as your ECG biosensor of choice.

Small, Yet Mighty

The CardioChip offers a robust feature set, and does so at a size that will surprise you. With dimensions that measure only 3 x 3 x 0.6 mm, the CardioChip is the smallest ECG biosensor on the market today. When size is an important factor, the reality is that you won’t be able to find anything smaller. Because the CardioChip is so compact, it’s able to be installed virtually anywhere, maximizing opportunities and options when it comes to building wearables for consumers. 

Revolutionizing Wearable and Mobile Devices

As mentioned earlier, the CardioChip offers a robust set of features that completely change the world of wearable technology. Some of the benefits of choosing the CardioChip for your device include:

Powerful Algorithms – NeuroSky’s complementary biometric algorithm allows the CardioChip ECG to not only capture data, but also to translate it into an easy to understand format for consumers. These algorithms are able to give users a clear understanding of things such as their stress levels, their heart rate variability, their fatigue levels, their mood, their heart age, and more. This data can then be used to build a plan that focuses on helping the user live a healthier, happier life. 

Low Power Consumption – The CardioChip ECG biosensor delivers an impressive amount of features, all with fairly minimal levels of power consumption. To get specific, the CardioChip’s level of power consumption is <3mW. This means your wearable technology won’t be hampered by an ECG biosensor that leaves a massive footprint or drains an excessive amount of battery life.

Ease of Integration – The CardioChip ECG biosensor has been specifically designed for use in wearable and mobile devices. It features an advanced Analog Front End that is used to acquire ECG signals using dry contact electrodes. It also consolidates all of the functional blocks required for ECG signal processing into a single chip. This completely eliminates the need for external devices or components, which means the CardipChip can easily be integrated into a wide assortment of device types and applications. Some of the target applications for the CardipChip include:

  • Mobile health and wellness
  • Portable ECG, heart rate and heart rate variability monitors 
  • Stress meters 

Reliability – The CardioChip ECG biosensor is designed to acquire accurate data quickly and carefully for the best results possible. The CardioChip is able to track the widest range of heart metrics and capture comprehensive signals of overall heart performance. This high level of quality allows a user to receive validated, personalized heart-health trends quickly. 

The Best in ECG Biosensors 

As wearable technology and fitness tracking continue to surge in popularity, the CardioChip ECG biosensor is uniquely designed to bring these words together seamlessly. Amazingly compact and powerful, the CardioChip ECG biosensor is the perfect choice to enable the next exciting consumer device. 

For more information on the CardioChip ECG biosensor, download the free whitepaper, Wearable Solutions For Improving Heart Health and Wellness.

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