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Useful, Applicable Brain Activity Algorithms

Algorithms are designed for the purposes of measuring and optimizing brain function. They are used within applications, built by NeuroSky, third party developers and our OEM partners.

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NeuroSky algorithms provide the foundation of a universe of applications that can be built to optimize brain health, education, alertness and overall function. To learn more about building applications based on our algorithms, visit our developer page.

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The Attention meter indicates the intensity of a user’s level of mental “focus” or “attention”. Its value ranges from 0 to 100. Attention level increases when user focuses on a single thought or an external object, decreases when distracted.


The Meditation meter indicates the level of a user’s mental “calmness” or “relaxation”. Its value ranges from 0 to 100. Meditation level increases when user relaxes his/her mind and decreases when he/she is uneasy or stressed.

Blink Detection

The Blink Detection algorithm provides an indication whenever the user blinks. A higher number indicates a “stronger” blink, while a smaller number indicates a “lighter” or “weaker” blink.

Sensor contact on/off

Determines whether a headset is being worn by detecting whether the sensor and reference are contacting a conductive surface, such as skin.

Signal Quality

Indicating the captured brainwave signal quality is good or bad. Based on that users can decide whether the brainwave signal is usable or not.