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Prolonged periods of stress are well known for having negative impacts on individuals, as well as those around them. One thing we know for certain is that stress doesn’t “just happen”; rather, it is a non-specific response to a demand for change from the body or mind. This is why the ability to track stress levels with a convenient, wearable or mobile device can be so important. By understanding situations and behaviors that may cause stress, consumers can make lifestyle choices that will help them live better lives. In this piece, we’re going to touch briefly on some of the negative effects of increased stress, and how it’s driving the demand for stress monitoring tools. We’ll also touch on the trends in wearables, and advantages of tracking stress levels through devices enabled by ECG biosensors and algorithms.

How Stress Can Affect You

Stress in proper doses can actually be a good thing, as its purpose is to inform the body that a response is required—almost like an alarm system. If stress is not properly dealt with, however, it can result in negative outcomes like headaches, muscle tension and pain, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, depression, and more. 

With such negative impacts associated with prolonged stress levels, it makes complete sense that consumers are demanding tools that can help them better understand and combat stressors in their lives. With a mobile stress tracking device, a consumer can get a sense of what they should be doing (and not doing) to lower stress levels, providing them with positive results in the moment, as well as over time. 

Trends & The Tangible Benefits of Tracking Stress

Mobile stress tracking devices enabled by ECG biosensors and algorithms can provide consumers with meaningful data that can be easily interpreted and understood. This is the type of information that was previously only available in a doctor’s office or other controlled environment. Coupled with consumer demand, improvements to ECG technology are seeing the following trends emerge when it comes to wearable and mobile devices:

Mood – Mobile stress tracking devices can help a consumer better understand their mood, as well as detect the frequency of positive and negative moods and potential sources or triggers. Knowing how to avoid prolonged negative moods and depression has been shown reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and respiratory illness. 

Fatigue – A consumer who is constantly feeling tired or lethargic may be fatigued. Mobile stress tracking devices can help track habits or routines that may be contributing to fatigue, allowing the user to change their lifestyle in order to break the cycle mental and physical fatigue. 

Recovery – Stress trackers can also provide a consumer with data on when their body needs to recover. This can be invaluable information, especially for athletes and consumers who frequent the gym. Mental and physical stress presents itself in a similar way, so knowing the best time to train or best time to focus on low impact activities can be the key to effectively maintaining health and fitness levels. 

Keeping Stress Under Control

Stress that is not kept in check can aggravate other conditions, and while it is not entirely avoidable, it is manageable. By tracking it objectively, and then using the data to make the right choices in their day to day lives, consumers can minimize stress while maximizing their health and happiness. 

For more information on stress tracking and trends in wearable devices, download the free white paper, Enabling Accurate and Reliable Stress-level Measurements with ECG Technologies.

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