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Unlock the power of the human mind and unlock the potential of humankind.

Decades of EEG research in a powerful, embeddable, wearable biosensor.

Brainwaves. Not thoughts.

Measuring Electroencephalogram (EEG) activity has historically required complex, intimidating and immovable equipment costing thousands of dollars. NeuroSky is unlocking a new world of solutions for education and entertainment with our research-grade, mobile, embeddable EEG biosensor solutions. Precisely accurate, portable and noise-filtering, our EEG biosensors translate brain activity into action.

Our EEG solution digitizes analog electrical brainwaves to power the user-interface of games, education and research applications. We amplify and process raw brain signals to deliver concise input to the device. Our brainwave algorithms, developed by NeuroSky researcher and our partner universities and research institutions are uncovering new ways to interact with our world.

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Advanced biosensors. Proven algorithms. Essential applications.

Enabling Solutions For Body and Mind Wearable Technology

The NeuroSky biosensor platform provides a powerful foundation for the development of a variety of applications that promote brain health such as improved focus, concentration, working memory and mind acuity. Other uses include meditation and relaxation monitoring or improved educational processes. Our low cost, complete OEM solution is a high-performance bio-signal on a single chip solution for accurate brain activity detection and processing.

NeuroSky EEG biosensor technology is built with a simple yet powerful technology stack: Chips + Algorithms + Applications. Our EEG platform powers hundreds of advanced applications, toys, games and other devices.

Research that drives innovation. Innovation that brings products to market. Products that inspire humans.

We cultivate and inspire developer creativity with our hardware and software tools. Our developer partners have demonstrated innovative neuroscience products in education, medicine, research and wellness.

“NeuroSky EEG biosensor technology delivers high fidelity, mobility and cost efficiency. A comparison of NeuroSky and research-grade EEG devices showed that NeuroSky delivers 96% EEG fidelity at a fraction of the cost.” -University of Wollongong