MindWave Mobile 2 Headset BrainWave Starter Kit Available Now

Download the Success Story From Science Fiction to the Classroom: Measuring Attention with Nervanix

Measuring and even changing a student’s brain activity was once the stuff of science fiction. Learn how Nervanix is making it a reality and uncovering the next big thing in education in the process.

About NeuroSky

NeuroSky technologies enable the most insightful and easy-to-understand health and wellness biometrics for mobile solutions, wearable devices, and service providers. The company’s proprietary, market-leading biosensor technologies provide a foundation for analyzing biometric data in a way that’s never before been practical. NeuroSky-enabled solutions deliver unique insights into body and mind health and wellness that can motivate people to make better lifestyle choices.

NeuroSky Technology Fast 500 2014 & 2015 Recipient Awarded by Deloitte LLP

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