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These days, everything is password protected, and unless you’re using one password for everything (something nobody would ever recommend), it can be difficult to keep them all straight. What’s worse, passwords aren’t foolproof. In fact, a survey from June of 2015 revealed that two in five people have been notified that their personal information had been compromised in the last year, or that they had their password stolen as part of a hack. The potential to have your valuable information stolen these days is very real. Luckily, EEG technology is helping to combat that with passthoughts—a new way to think about passwords, literally!

Passthoughts not only help you keep your passwords safe, they also have the potential to eliminate password-related security breaches—ensuring sensitive data is always protected. Of course, the rise of any new technology comes with questions. How do passthoughts work? Are they secure? Are they really going to replace traditional passwords?

Let’s find out.

How do Passthoughts Work?

Passthoughts use brainwaves to protect sensitive materials from a data breach. This is done by measuring brain waves and activity. Much like a fingerprint, everyone’s brain waves are entirely unique. This means that two people could complete the exact same task (for example, recite a poem or watch a TV show) and the brain wave patterns they generate would be entirely different.

Because everyone’s brain waves are entirely unique, data protected by passthoughts is incredibly secure. Furthermore, passthoughts inherently offer a two-step authentication process. First, there is the knowledge of the thought you’ve chosen as your passthought. Second, there are the unique brain waves that are coming from your brain. Even if someone could guess your thoughts, it would be impossible for them to replicate your brain waves.

EEG Headsets Make it Possible to Record Brain Wave Data

Using a passthought isn’t as simple as thinking a password in the general direction of the device or information you want unlocked. Instead, you need a device to measure brain waves and signals, and then interpret the data collected.

That’s where EEG headsets come into play.

Prior to the development of portable EEG headsets, such as our very own MindWave Mobile, any EEG tests had to be conducted in a laboratory with bulky, expensive equipment. EEG headsets make it possible to safely and accurately detect and interpret brain waves on-the-go, and then use the data they collect to complete actions—including unlocking password protected material.

Are Passthoughts Safe?

Research conducted at the BioSense lab at University of California at Berkeley on passthoughts has yielded impressive results. In fact, the Lab’s co-director, John Chuang, has reported that passthoughts have achieved a 99% authentication accuracy rate. With additional study, researchers are confident that passthoughts will be the security of choice for many.

With Passthoughts and EEG Headsets, the Future Looks Secure

We’re still a few years away from passthoughts becoming ubiquitous, but with the ability to combine completely unique brain waves with two-factor authentication, we’re confident that the day is coming. And when it does, you can rest assured that your valuable information will always be safe and secure.

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