January 2015

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    Recent technological advances have made it possible to build wearable products that can capture and process bio-signals generated by the human body. When it comes to heart rate monitoring, two primary technologies are available to device manufacturers: ECG and PPG. If you’re deciding whether ECG or PPG could help you create the next big wearable… Read More»

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    Wearable devices equipped with ECG biosensors are poised to completely revolutionize health and wellness, playing an increasingly important role in collecting personal health data. The ability to acquire ECG data by means of wearable devices, paired with applications on smartphones and tablets, have enabled the monitoring of heart health metrics that offer insight into a range of… Read More»

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    With a new year underway, many of us are looking for ways to improve our health in 2015. While lifestyle factors like diet and exercise typically come to mind first, there’s much more to achieving well-being. Mounting evidence suggests that greater physical and mental health can be achieved through effectively leveraging the mind-body connection. With the… Read More»