June 2015

  • In our previous blog, we emphasized how BCI has been traditionally applied to control scenarios. We also pointed out that consumer BCI loses significant control granularity as a trade-off in order to meet consumer requirements for price, ease-of-use, aesthetic design and mobility. Its value proposition as a precise controller peripheral is weakened through this sacrifice… Read More»

  • In the EEG world, a Brain-Computer Interface is known as a BCI. Webster’s Dictionary defines an interface as a system through which one machine is connected to another machine. Unfortunately, this definition doesn’t explain how the data from the transmitting machine is being processed and utilized by the receiving machine. It also doesn’t elaborate on the… Read More»

  • Our world changes dramatically with each tick of the clock. Technology is constantly evolving and opening up new opportunities we never thought were possible. Take a classic example—the telephone. Not too long ago, many of us were stuck at home waiting next to our landlines for a service consultant to get back to us between… Read More»