• Child studying with parent wearing eeg headset

    When you think about it, it’s quite simple. Technology companies alongside well-respected medical professionals and biologists seek a way to make a difference. Nevertheless, there is a long journey of handling real pain. Research has taught us that there is a substantial threat to wellbeing across society. There is growing frustration among a broad group… Read More»

  • MindWave Mobile 2 Now Available.

    MindWave Mobile 2 – Now Available! We are happy to announce a major design update to the MindWave Mobile line of headsets that will greatly improve your comfort without sacrificing compatibility with your favorite apps. MindWave Mobile 2 is based on the same technology as MindWave Mobile Plus, but the physical design has been enhanced… Read More»

  • Effective Learner App

    Most study time is inefficient and wasted. Top students must learn quickly to compete in the 21st century. Most students waste hours every day studying but not remembering. What if every line read was retained the first time? Effective Learner with Study Trainer will help you or your students learn more effectively than ever with brainwave… Read More»

  • Woman wearing VR Headset

    Virtual Reality. We hear the term so often in this day and age, but how big of an impact is augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) really making on the progression of technology? The answer is: the impact is significant and it’s only growing. Within the first two months of 2016, investment in AR/VR reached $1.1… Read More»

  • Mobile health, also known as mHealth, empowers everyday people to take control of their health through the use of smart devices. Today, adults primarily reap the benefits of collecting health-related data through smart devices, but with Generation Z being the most technologically adept demographic, there’s a significant opportunity for mHealth technology to support children and… Read More»

  • Mind-machine interface technology (MMI) is popular among developers looking for new ways to break into the entertainment market. Beyond fun and games, however, MMI presents an incredible opportunity to revolutionize the way people living with disabilities access and interact with both the physical and digital worlds. To fully understand and appreciate where MMI is going,… Read More»

  • NeuroSky Uses ARM Mobile Tech to Enable Secure Remote Patient Monitoring

    Calif.,US, Jan. 08, 2016 – Leading brain-computer interface and healthcare sensor company NeuroSky has created a cost-effective and secure medical monitoring solution that could radically improve remote patient care for people with long term chronic illnesses. The company is working with processor design company ARM, whose technology is in almost all smartphones, to introduce a… Read More»

  • MMI, or mind-machine interfaces, provide amazing pathways for interaction between your brain waves and machines. As this technology evolved, it has moved from the confines of large laboratories and research facilities into our homes, thanks in part to companies like NeuroSky. We now have access to MMI so that it can be used for everything… Read More»

  • Have you ever heard a famous musician say they simply heard a melody in their mind and needed to record it? Well now, thanks to EEG music, you don’t need to be a professional musician to record your own collection of greatest hits! With an EEG headset and the right apps, you’ll have everything you… Read More»