February 2015


    Advancements in technology continue to make it easier for consumers from all walks of life to delve into tracking their health and wellbeing. Heart rate variability (HRV) is becoming an increasingly popular metric for better understand overall health and fitness. This post will help offer readers a better understanding of what HRV is, as well… Read More»

  • wearable & mobile health device makers

    Following a successful CES 2015, NeuroSky is excited to announce its new website making its innovative technologies even more accessible to mHealth product and service developers. NeuroSky’s market-leading biosensor and biometric algorithm solutions enable the development of mobile and wearable devices that truly stand out in the marketplace. Now, with a new, easy-to-navigate and user-focused… Read More»


    Being able to track heart rate variability (HRV) is important for both athletes and average individuals interested in gaining a better understanding of their overall health and wellness. By tracking HRV, wearable and mobile device consumers can learn to identify outside influences that may be affecting stress levels, fatigue levels, and mood. While this data… Read More»

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    When it comes to monitoring heart health, Heart Rate (HR) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) are critical metrics that reflect a person’s overall fitness and well-being. By driving the creation of wearables with significant processing capability and complementary online tracking services, today’s powerful biosensors provide insights into HR and HRV—giving device manufacturers opportunities to create groundbreaking… Read More»