March 2016

  • Mind-machine interface technology (MMI) is popular among developers looking for new ways to break into the entertainment market. Beyond fun and games, however, MMI presents an incredible opportunity to revolutionize the way people living with disabilities access and interact with both the physical and digital worlds. To fully understand and appreciate where MMI is going,… Read More»

  • One of the greatest advantages of modern technology is that it brings once-unreachable ideas within our grasp. We’ve enjoyed great advances in medicine, but growing populations and shrinking budgets have put a strain on health professionals, negatively affecting their ability to treat patients in person.  As a result, researchers, developers, and scientists are exploring the… Read More»

  • NeuroSky provides different solutions for various customer segments Brand Vendor NeuroSky can provide finished ECG smart clothing, or can provide the total solution to the ODM specified by the Brand vendor. Design House NeuroSky provides total ECG solutions including the SoC chip as well as the algorithm. Smart Clothing Company NeuroSky can provide partnership solutions,… Read More»