March 2015


    Not long ago, tracking heart rate variability (HRV) was considered to be an incredibly difficult task, relegated to doctor’s offices and other controlled training facilities. That has all changed with the rise of wearables and other precise tracking devices enabled by ECG biosensors. In this post, we’re going to provide a better understanding of just how… Read More»

  • With recent advancements in EEG sensor technology, what once belonged to the realm of science fiction has quickly become science fact. Today, it’s possible to interpret brainwaves, and put that data to good use for people of all ages thanks to EEG headsets. One key way this data can be used is by measuring the… Read More»


    As health and fitness becomes more top of mind for consumers, and biosensor technology continues to evolve and improve, the demand for wearable and mobile tools is steadily increasing. Specifically, tracking health and fitness through heart rate variability (HRV) can help users obtain a better understanding of their bodies. The valuable data wearable and mobile devices… Read More»

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    Athletes take their training seriously and are always looking for a way to get an edge. Whether they’re training in the gym, or out on the field, it’s crucial that they’re always at their best. That’s where wearable and mobile devices that track heart rate variability (HRV) come into play. HRV tracks how a user’s… Read More»

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    NeuroSky has the lowest cost headset with the most open development platform. If you are considering building a mobile app that has EEG integration, consider implementing MindWave Mobile compatibility to take advantage of hardware reach and developers resources. There are hundreds of thousands of apps on mobile devices for just about everything—from communication, education and… Read More»


    Wearable and mobile device manufacturers are beginning to discover why tracking heart rate variability (HRV) is an important tool for naturally reducing stress, increasing strength and endurance, as well as improving overall health. One common question, however, is what is the best way to track HRV? Advances in biosensor technology is revealing that the answer… Read More»