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NeuroSky has the lowest cost headset with the most open development platform. If you are considering building a mobile app that has EEG integration, consider implementing MindWave Mobile compatibility to take advantage of hardware reach and developers resources.

There are hundreds of thousands of apps on mobile devices for just about everything—from communication, education and time management to entertainment and health monitoring. In many genres, there’s a lot of “been there, done that”. With all this noise, it can be difficult for developers to create something that truly stands out.

Advances in biosensors have made it possible for developers to explore new technology and create innovative experiences for users. NeuroSky enables developers to build the next generation of apps using brainwave-reading EEG headsets and provides feedback/direction to bring those products to the marketplace.

An EEG headset is a revolutionary tool that provides developers with previously unavailable data points. The MindWave Mobile headsets lets developers monitor brain activity and turn that data into new and exciting experiences. Traditional app development is a crowded street, and NeuroSky wants to help developers change that by providing unique tools, helpful resources and step-by-step guides to getting your app into the hands of users worldwide. From idea to deployment, here are the top five tips to consider when developing an EEG headset app:

1. Understand Your Data

The MindWave Mobile EEG headset interface collects very specific brainwave data for the iOS and Android. As a developer, it’s incredibly important that you understand exactly what data you are collecting so you can use it to your advantage. From attention and meditation meters to raw data, understanding your data provides you with greater control over your output, and creates scaffolding to improve the user experience.

2. Understand Your Genre

It’s important to determine your genre and begin differentiating early in the development process. An EEG headset helps gather information, but it’s important to know exactly what to do once you’ve gathered it. The differences between genres can dramatically change your pathway and it is simply not possible to create every type of app. There are specific categories and limitations to utilizing brainwave data.

For example, are you:

  • looking at how to measure and improve your health?
  • trying to use data for fun and games?
  • looking for ways to use the data to effectively change the way we connect with and control devices?
  • looking at how this technology can be used to study and impact the way we learn?

Regardless of your area of focus, understanding your genre is key to getting the most out of your app development

3. Consider Supplementary Data

An EEG headset collects huge amounts of data, but it’s important to recognize whether other data will be necessary to create a deeper understanding of your users. Mobile devices are now host to a multitude of sensors and data that are accessible to developers.

Whether you require location-based information or timing inputs to ensure proper tracking of a health and wellness experiences, additional data can be integral to your app. Understand how to collect, interpret and use this data.

4. Choose A Platform

Many developers fail to recognize how important choosing a platform can be. It’s easy to become enamored with a concept, but choosing a platform cannot be overlooked. It helps determine everything from demographics to monetization models, so understanding the differences between iOS, Android, Arduino or PC/Mac is necessary. Each platform has its own advantages and limitations, ranging from simplicity of development tools to complexity of the marketplace. Make sure you understand each platform before deciding on a development strategy in order to make the most of your choice.

NeuroSky can help you publish your apps on PC/Mac, but on mobile devices, we link through to the iOS and Android (Google Play) App Stores.

5. Know Your Goal

While this is the last tip listed, it may be the most important. It’s difficult to stand out in a crowded marketplace. New apps are launched every second, and many of them never see the light of day. As a result, it’s paramount that you determine what you’re trying to accomplish by developing an app. What is the purpose of your app? What do you hope to gain from its development?

Deploying apps that utilize an accessory is more challenging than traditional app publishing. We understand that.

In creating our EEG headset technology, we wanted a product that developers can leverage to create new interfaces and control systems.  We’ve opened up our toolsets and created pipelines to incentivize and reward development. Developers are publishing their apps, and monetizing their creative projects.

To get started, visit developer.neurosky.com to view tutorials and download our FREE Developer Tools for the top platforms. You can also check out MindWave and MindWave Mobile, the world’s most affordable research-grade EEG headsets available.

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