EEG Biosensors

  • When thinking about all the potential associated with EEG, it’s very easy to focus on the fantastical, almost science-fiction-like aspects of the technology. While those can be a lot of fun, there are also an incredible number of use cases for EEG in the realm of mobile mental health. We’re going to keep your mental… Read More»

  • MMI, or mind-machine interfaces, provide amazing pathways for interaction between your brain waves and machines. As this technology evolved, it has moved from the confines of large laboratories and research facilities into our homes, thanks in part to companies like NeuroSky. We now have access to MMI so that it can be used for everything… Read More»

  • Have you ever heard a famous musician say they simply heard a melody in their mind and needed to record it? Well now, thanks to EEG music, you don’t need to be a professional musician to record your own collection of greatest hits! With an EEG headset and the right apps, you’ll have everything you… Read More»

  • Gamers of all ages are always looking for the next exciting thing, and with EEG games, the way you play is going to change forever. EEG headsets have completely revolutionized gaming—and that’s because the only controller you need to play with the EEG headset is your mind! We’re here to give you the inside scoop… Read More»

  • BCI Devices - EEG Devices

    For science fiction fans, brain control might sound like something out of your favourite movie or novel—but thanks to EEG headset and apps, brain control has quickly become science fact! EEG headsets give you the ability to control games and apps using only your mind, unlocking an entire exciting world of possibilities. This post will… Read More»

  • EEG Headset and brainwave toys

    Neuroscientific breakthroughs have completely revolutionized the toy market, with decades of research leading to the development of a wide assortment of innovative brainwave toys. With unprecedented freedom and creativity leading the way, brainwave toys are changing the way we think about entertainment for the young and old alike. If you’re interested in brainwave toys, first you will have… Read More»

  • The temptation to design headsets without ground-reference ear clips (electrodes) is pervasive. This is predominantly because ear clips remain vestiges of clinical EEG systems that have made their way into consumer BCI products. Clamped lightly onto a person’s earlobe, ear clips have proven one of the most trusted ways to obtain reliable grounding and referencing… Read More»

  • As we have seen, there is a multitude of possible BCI form factors—each with advantages, disadvantages, and purposes. In the consumer market, the most popular form factor is the headset. OEMs choose headsets more often over other form factors because they lend themselves to more interesting and aesthetic expressions better tied to a particular brand… Read More»

  • BCI Devices - EEG Devices

    In our blog overviewing consumer EEG, we touched upon the concept that the use case dictates the complexity, cost and inconvenience of the optimal EEG system. Today, we will be looking at one important factor that affects all three of these areas when it comes to BCI devices: the number of EEG electrodes chosen to… Read More»

  • In our previous blog, we emphasized how BCI has been traditionally applied to control scenarios. We also pointed out that consumer BCI loses significant control granularity as a trade-off in order to meet consumer requirements for price, ease-of-use, aesthetic design and mobility. Its value proposition as a precise controller peripheral is weakened through this sacrifice… Read More»