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It’s awards season, and if you’re a movie buff, you’re probably spending all your spare time checking out the top nominees. Of course, after a while, it’s easy for even your favorite films to start blending together. If only there was some sort of dramatic twist you didn’t see coming!

Spoiler alert: MyndPlay is that dramatic twist.

Whether you’re a fan of comedy, mystery, action, or any other film genre, MyndPlay is a revolutionary new experience that allows you to become the director of the movie you’re watching using only your mind and an EEG headset!

What is MyndPlay?

Simply put, MyndPlay is a mind controlled media player that works in conjunction with an EEG headset (such as our MindWave Mobile). When in use, MyndPlay gives you the ability to interact with the content you’re watching—changing the direction of a scene and even the entire outcome. Remember last month when we talked about EEG headsets giving you superpowers? The MyndPlay app takes things to a whole new level!

MyndPlay Makes You The Director!

Have you ever thought you could write a better ending for the movie you’re watching? With MyndPlay, you can make it happen. MyndPlay makes you an active participant in the plot of the movie on your screen. Will the hero get their happy ending? Will the bad guy get away? Who will still be standing when the credits roll? With MyndPlay, the decision is yours.

Using MyndPlay With Your EEG Headset

To take advantage of MyndPlay, you need a MindWave EEG headset. MindWave can safely monitor and interpret your brainwaves using EEG biosensor technology, and then use the information gathered to interact with the MyndPlay app. Once connected, your MindWave headset monitors your brainwaves to determine what state of mind you’re in and uses that information to guide the direction of the movie you’re watching accordingly. If you’re relaxed, the outcome will be different than if you’re focused, and different even still if you’re stressed. It might sound like the plot of a classic science fiction movie, but it’s 100% reality.

Myndplay is Your First Step Toward a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

MyndPlay is like nothing you’ve ever seen before at the movies and is something every casual or serious film fan should experience. Luckily, thanks to NeuroSky, you can! That’s because MyndPlay is now available as part of our MyndPlay Bundle. This bundle includes a MindWave Mobile EEG Headset, the MyndPlay Brainwave Movie Player, and a great assortment of interactive content designed specifically for your next movie night.

The lights have gone down, the popcorn is popped, and the movie is about to begin. What happens next? That’s up to you and MyndPlay. Grab the app here, or the entire MyndPlay Bundle here.

To learn more about how EEG headsets are completely changing the way we think about entertainment, be sure to get your copy of our free whitepaper, The Introductory Guide to EEG & BCI for Entertainment.

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