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If you’re a fan of superheroes, odds are you’ve already been to the movie theatre to see Marvel’s latest blockbuster, Dr. Strange. In this movie, Stephen Strange unlocks the ability to manipulate the world around him by focusing his mind, and ends up saving the world in the process!

What if we told you that you can experience powers like those of Dr. Strange with our EEG headsets and apps? It may sound like a story right out of a comic book, but it’s true. Using our BrainLink Pro or MindWave Mobile EEG headset, you can unlock your own super powers in specially designed games and apps, just like Dr. Strange!

How Can an EEG Headset Transform You Into Dr. Strange?

In Dr. Strange, a catastrophic injury sets Stephen Strange down the path to unlocking his super powers. Luckily for you, all you need to unlock your superpowers is an EEG headset such as the MindWave Mobile or BrainLink Pro from NeuroSky. These headsets use EEG sensors to safely detect brainwave activity, and then interpret the meaning of that brainwave activity. These brainwaves can then be used to teach you to focus, relax, and control the hundreds of apps available in the NeuroSky App Store. It’s fun, simple, and best of all, doesn’t require you to travel halfway around the world to meet with someone named The Ancient One!

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Protect Your Base as Dr. Strange Protects the Sanctum With Mind Tower Defense

By focusing his mind, Dr. Strange is able to defend himself and his secret sanctum against evil sorcerers. Just like Dr. Strange, you can use your mind to defend your own base against enemies when you play Mind Tower Defense with your EEG headset! In this game, players build up energy generated through concentration that can be used to charge tower defenses and attack enemies as they advance. Over time, more enemies arrive, meaning you’ll have to increase your concentration in order to hold them off. Dr. Strange managed to fend off his enemies, will you be able to do the same?

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Recreate Dr. Strange’s Portals Using Art of Zen

Throughout Dr. Strange, sorcerers open portals to other dimensions using the power of their minds. While we can’t open portals to other dimensions (yet), we can recreate the look of those awesome portals with an EEG headset and the Art of Zen app. This app measures your inner Zen level, and then interprets that level of consciousness into dynamic, colorful scenes resembling the portals showcased in Dr. Strange. As your mood changes, so to do the colors you’ll see on your screen.

Here’s a tip: if you want your art to most resemble the portals of Dr. Strange, you need to achieve a Zen-level of 65. Do you have what it takes to focus your mind that much?

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Defeat Your Enemies Using Only an EEG Headset and Your Mind

Just as Dr. Strange learned to manipulate the environment around him to save the world, you can use your EEG headset and the powers of concentration to vanquish your foes in Throw Trucks With Your Mind. This game requires you to focus your mind in order to throw objects at your enemies, using nothing but your thoughts! With eight different ways to harness your powers and multiplayer game modes, there’s always a fresh challenge waiting…and a new super-villain to defeat.

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There’s Nothing Strange About It—EEG Headsets Bring Superheroes To Life!

Dr. Strange is being lauded for it’s effects and visuals, and with your EEG headset from NeuroSky, you can recreate many of them in your own home. Whether you’re replicating portals, defending your base, or saving the world, you’re closer than ever before to becoming a real life Dr. Stephen Strange—the only thing you’re missing is the Cloak of Levitation!

To learn more about how EEG headsets are blurring the lines between science fiction and reality, be sure to check out our FREE whitepaper, A Real Game-Changer: BCI & EEG Use Cases for Video Games today!

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