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Technology is making it easier than ever for devices manufacturers to create solutions that enable consumers to better manage their health. Information that once took appointments with specialists in controlled environments can now be obtained nearly anywhere through wearable technology and other mobile devices equipped with ECG biosensors. Specifically, consumers are trending heavily toward devices that allow them to track and manage their stress levels. So what does this trend mean for device manufacturers? In this piece, we’re going to take a look at why consumers are so interested in tracking and managing their stress levels, and the advantages for OEMs and ODMs who choose to incorporate ECG technology into their products.

Stress: A 300 Billion Dollar Industry

Yes, you read that number correctly. It is estimated that stress annually costs the American economy $300 billion. Stress is affecting productivity in the work place, as well as contributing to increased sick days and extended leaves of absence. While stress can cause disruption in the professional world, it can also affect personal lives and individuals’ overall mental and physical health. Obviously, when left unchecked, stress can have a serious impact on the lives of consumers, which is why stress tracking through wearable and mobile technology equipped with ECG biosensors is an incredible opportunity. 

ECG biosensors can measure a user’s heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV). These measurements are then run through NeuroSky’s algorithms in order to present data to the consumer that is easy to read and interpret. By offering consumers products that make it possible to easily understand what is affecting their stress levels, device manufacturers are quickly realizing the commercial appeal of portable stress tracking devices. 

Accuracy is Everything

Of course, whenever anything catches on with consumers, you’ll quickly find the marketplace flooded with sub-standard products. These days, consumers can find a wide assortment of free apps, low-quality sensors, and other options that claim to track their HR and HRV. The truth of the matter is that these options are not always accurate or verified by independent experiments.

Consumers who are serious about their health want quality, and are willing to pay for it. Devices enabled by NeuroSky’s ECG biosensors offer many benefits to consumers, the most important of which is the richness of the data they can collect and present. Device manufacturers will be impressed by the NeuroSky ECG Biosensor’s accuracy and effectiveness, as well as their quick setup times, meaning users can get fast readings in any situation. Perhaps most importantly, device manufacturers will find that ECG biosensors use less power than other options, and are easy to integrate into their products.   

Understanding and Overcoming Stress

Stress, in small doses, can be healthy, but prolonged elevated levels of stress can have serious mental and physical consequences. That’s why we’ve seen such a surge in the number of consumers who are looking for ways to better control and reduce their stress levels. With ECG biosensors, developers have access to a crucial component of building effective, efficient wearable and mobile technology that consumers can trust.  

For more information on stress tracking and what this trend means for device manufacturers, download the free whitepaper, Enabling Accurate and Reliable Stress-level Measurements with ECG Technologies.

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