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Increasingly, consumers are demanding wearable devices that provide insight on their physical health through heart rate variability (HRV) tracking. That said, there are other benefits of tracking HRV for consumers, as it can not only be used to track physical health, but also emotional health. There are many benefits associated with tracking heart rate variability for mental health purposes, and in this post, we’re going to paint a clear picture of how tracking HRV with devices enabled by NeuroSky’s ECG biosensors and algorithms provides the ultimate solution for consumers concerned with their emotional wellbeing.
Stress: A Multi-Billion Dollar Burden Every year, workplace stress is responsible for over $300 billion dollars in healthcare expenses, missed work, legal compensation, and more. Not only that, the American Institute of Stress has reported that up to 90% of doctor’s visits are stress related. With those figures in mind, it makes complete sense that consumers are interested in an alternative method of tracking and dealing with stress and improving emotional health. Businesses should also be looking into solutions for dealing with stress in the workplace in order to increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

A Non-Invasive Way to Track Emotional Health 

As mentioned above, some stats have suggested that 90% of doctor’s visits are stress-related. There’s no doubt this is contributing to the trend toward more natural, non-medicated, non-invasive ways to manage negative emotions such as stress and anxiety. While tracking HRV is not a substitute for a doctor, it can provide information to users about situations where their stress or anxiety levels may be higher than normal. With wearable devices, users can actually track their stress levels over the long term and access clear data to help pin point situations that may cause their anxiety or stress levels to spike. By knowing which situations to avoid or monitoring lifestyle choices geared to reducing stress, users can better maintain healthy stress levels. Wearable devices can be subtle and easily incorporated into a daily regimen, all while providing the wearer with a powerful tool to better understand their emotional health.

The Link Between Mental Health and Physical Health

Emotional health and physical health are very closely connected.  Being physically fit can go a long way toward building mental fitness, and vice versa. With wearable devices, consumers can track long term stress levels in relation to physical fitness in order to better understand just how their emotional states may be effecting them.

To put the connection between mental health and physical health into perspective, consider that clinical studies have shown long term, chronic stress to be a major contributor to and cause of cardiovascular disease, depression, and substance abuse. All of these conditions can have a major impact on a consumer’s physical health. This information presents an opportunity for device manufacturers to create truly life-changing tools that help keep stress levels in check.

Unlocking the Secrets of Emotional Health

NeuroSky’s ECG biosensors and algorithms are a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to tracking emotional health through heart rate variability. When using devices enabled by NeuroSky’s ECG biosensors, heart rate variability is tracked with incredible accuracy, while NeuroSky’s algorithms can interpret the data acquired and present it in a practical and easy-to-understand format. This data can provide both short term (keeping them aware of raising stress levels at any given moment) and long term (graphs tracking stress levels lowering over time) benefits to the consumer.

Emotional health is just as important as physical health for consumers. By using heart rate variability to track emotional health, consumers can better manage their stress levels and live happy, healthier lives. For more information on the benefits of tracking heart rate variability for emotional health, download our free whitepaper, Enabling Accurate and Reliable Stress-level Measurements with NeuroSky ECG Technologies.

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