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Technology is intertwined into everything we do, and now, with what we wear. The latest advancements in biosensor technology involve the development and application of smart clothing. NeuroSky has collaborated with Far Eastern New Century (FENC) to bring you DynaFeed, the most innovative way for athletes to optimize their training with accurate real-time performance data and analytics. Let’s look into this emerging trend and uncover the advantages that you can gain from smart clothing.

What is Smart Clothing?

Smart clothing is where technology meets textile. Using conductive textiles and advanced analytic systems, smart clothing allows wearers to capture and quantify real-time data from their body and mind. You’re probably familiar with wearables, such as fitness bands, that track your steps and calories burned. Smart clothing is the next step in wearable health and wellness consumer products. On the outside, smart clothing looks like any other garment you own, but the technology lies within the fabric. Unique from other wearables on the market, smart clothing doesn’t require additional accessories to charge and operate. Smart clothing is hassle free with no extra effort required. You gain the benefits of this wearable technology without having to change any of your behaviours.

Exploring Biosensor Technology with DynaFeed

dynafeed-clothingDynaFeed is an revolutionary smart garment that uses advanced biosensor technology and ultra-thin conductive polymer coating to directly measure the voltage potential of a heart beat. DynaFeed empowers athletes through the body map compression design, optimizing contact for the most accurate heart rate in motion tracking without any barriers or discomfort. DynaFeed’s contemporary design provides high durability that enhances wash cycles and resistance to chemical oxidizers by more than 500%. The cutting edge technology permits direct and accurate measurements of vital biometrics data up to 99.7% accuracy by typical ECG methodology. DynaFeed users are also able to pinpoint areas of concern and monitor specific data such as fat burn or cardio zone. With DynaFeed, data can now be available anytime, anywhere, in a simple yet cost effective manner.

The Benefits of Smart Clothing

No matter your age, gender, or fitness level, there are benefits of wearing smart clothing for every user. Broadly, smart clothing garments will provide users with insightful readings to effectively manage their health and wellness. More specifically, smart clothing will automatically track biosignals and workout efforts across various exercises such as running, weightlifting, and cycling. Additionally, the garment sensor technology provides users with the data to foresee changes in health and avoid injuries. Advantages for smart clothing users include:

  • dynafeed-appAutomatically track the training progress and monitor the physical state
  • Continuously enhance workout efficiency and improve performance
  • Prevent training injuries and overload

With this information, athletes will be able to better understand specific aspects of their state of their health and wellness, and make decisions accordingly to build a stronger future.

The Opportunities with Smart Clothing are Endless!

From tracking results to preventing injuries, there are countless benefits to utilizing ECG biosensor technology to give athletes an edge. If you are interested in exploring how ECG biosensors can amplify your idea, contact us today to discuss opportunities with NeuroSky.

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