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The NeuroSky BrainLink Pro Headset

Statistics suggest that one in four Americans experience issues with mental wellness every year. That’s more than 61 million people—a staggering number any way you look at it. Whether young or old, each of us should be committed to improving our mental wellness—and EEG headsets such as the new BrainLink Pro can help! As the newest headset to take advantage of NeuroSky’s EEG biosensor technology, the BrainLink Pro makes it easy to improve your mental wellness while having a lot of fun at the same time. But what makes this EEG headset different? Read on to learn more about what separates the BrainLink Pro from the competition and which apps are best to take advantage of for mental wellness.

An Entirely New EEG Headset Design

The BrainLink Pro EEG HeadsetThe BrainLink Pro is an EEG headset designed with user comfort in mind. It features a headband-style design that can easily be adjusted to fit your head. This improves your comfort levels when wearing the headset, while also improving brainwave signal quality—ensuring you’re getting an accurate reading. The ear clip on the BrainLink Pro has also been redesigned to feel more comfortable when attached. These changes make it easier for you to wear this EEG headset for long periods of time.

The BrainLink Pro uses an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery as opposed to traditional AAA batteries. Instead of having to purchase new batteries continuously, you can simply recharge your EEG headset when it’s not in use.

You can learn more about the BrainLink Pro here and purchase yours today.

The BrainLink Pro Unlocks a New World of Mental Wellness Apps

BrainLink Pro AppsNot only does the BrainLink Pro feature a comfortable design, it also provides users with access to even more apps designed with mental wellness in mind. Whether you’re looking to relax, train your brain, or make your superhero dreams a reality, there’s a BrainLink Pro app available in the NeuroSky store that’s right for you.  Let’s take a closer look at a few of our favorites.

Brainwave Visualizer

Bring Your Brainwaves to Life!

Just as the name suggests, the Brainwave Visualizer brings your brainwaves to life on your screen. Completely controlled using your brain, the Brainwave Visualizer offers you a colorful, interactive graphical representation of your brain’s activity. As your state of mind changes so does the visual representation displayed on your screen. The Brainwave Visualizer encourages you to focus on controlling the graphical representation—providing you with a mental workout in the process!

You can learn more about the Brainwave Visualizer in the NeuroSky Store.

Mind the Ant

Increase Your Concentration and Save the Ant Colony

Mind the Ant puts BrainLink Pro users in the role of an ant trying to push food back to their home. Using concentration and meditation techniques, you can help the ant make their way back to the ant hill. As you increase your focus, the ant moves faster—and the challenges you face become more difficult. While this is a game, Mind the Ant is also a perfect tool for practicing focusing and relaxation techniques to increase the neuroplasticity of your brain.

You can learn more about Mind the Ant in the NeuroSky Store.

Mind Sports   

Challenge Yourself, Play With Friends, and Earn a Gold Medal For Your Mind!

Mental wellness isn’t just about relaxation; it can also be about maintaining an active, focused mind. Mind Sports offers an assortment of games that work together to train the seven major abilities of your brain effectively. As you progress throughout this fun game for all ages, you’ll learn more about how your brain handles stress, your ability to focus, and your impulse control.

You can learn more about Mind Sports in the NeuroSky Store.

The BrainLink Pro: An EEG Headset That Will Change the Way You Think About Mental Wellness

The BrainLink Pro offers users a comfortable way to focus on their mental wellness. Whether through guided meditation, memory challenges, or fun & games, the BrainLink Pro offers a great collection of EEG apps to help you train your brain. Get started now with your own BrainLink Pro.

If this collection of apps has inspired you to take steps toward creating one of your own, we can help! Learn how to get started by reading our FREE whitepaper, The Introductory Guide to EEG & BCI for Entertainment today.

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